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Is vim wood floor cleaner safe for pets

Is vim wood floor cleaner safe for pets

If you are wondering if the vim wood floor cleaner is safe for pets than this article definitely is for you.

I have used the Vim cleaner to clean my hardwood floors for over 5 months and I liked it a lot since it cleaned my floors very well.

Me and my husband got a dog about a month ago and the dog had a lot of issues because of the vim floor cleaner.

Do I recommend vim cleaner to people who have pets?

No… I do not recommend using the vim cleaner if you have a dog because it made my dog sneeze.

Our dog was always sneezing after cleaning the floor with the vim cleaner than me and my husband decided to buy the Bruce hardwood floor cleaner and it worked like magic.

I have been using the Bruce Cleaner for over 4 weeks now and our dog has never had any issues…

Our dog has never sneezed since we started cleaning our hardwood floor using the Bruce Cleaner.

What is the best hardwood floor cleaner that is also safe for pets?

If you are looking for a high-quality hardwood floor cleaner that is not toxic and safe for pets than you need to buy the Bruce Cleaner.

The reason I recommend the Bruce Cleaner is because I have been using it for quite some time now and my dog has never had any problems.

Another thing that I like about the Bruce Cleaner is that it was designed and specially made for people who have pets at home…

The Bruce Cleaner doesn’t have any toxic ingredients that could harm your dog that why it is what you should use when cleaning your hardwood floor.

Bruce hardwood floor cleaner

Bruce hardwood floor cleaner

CLICK HERE TO READ THE CUSTOMER REVIEWS FROM AMAZON to hear what other people are saying who are also using the Bruce Cleaner to clean their hardwood floors.

You are going to be amazed by the reviews because a lot of people who have dogs and cats are also highly recommending it which means it is very safe for pets.

Is the Bruce cleaner really safe for pets?

  • My dog loves to lick the floor and he has never gotten sick since the day I’ve started cleaning my floors with it
  • It safe for all pets, if you have a dog, cat or rabbit than buying this cleaner is what you should do
  • It can remove saliva spots from dogs
  • It even removes doggie drool circles that decorate the flooring
  • It is great for pets that are sensitive to smells because it doesn’t have a strong smell
  • If your dog is tracking in mud in to the house than the bruce cleaner is what you need because it cuts through the grime and leaves the floor clean with no streaks.

Please note: I love the Vim cleaner as well because it used to clean my floors very well but it is not good for pets such as dog and cats.

Why do I recommend Bruce cleaner for people who have pets?

Because this cleaner is by far the best hardwood floor cleaner available on the market right now and on top of that it doesn’t have any toxic ingredients that could harm your pets.

There are a lot of hardwood floor cleaners that you can choose from available on the market right now but not all hardwood cleaners are safe for pets that why you need to be very careful when buying a hardwood floor cleaner.

Most hardwood floors cleaners have chemicals and a lot are very toxic for pets, so be careful.

How much does bruce cleaner cost?

Well, it is extremely cheap. It is very affordable.


What are the things that I love about Bruce Cleaner?

  • It makes my house smell amazing
  • It doesn’t have a strong smell
  • It makes cleaning hardwood floor a lot easier
  • It lifts soil from the surface of the urethane finish without leaving a film
  • It makes the hardwood flooring keep looking like new
  • It doesn’t leave film
  • It doesn’t leave residue
  • It doesn’t make the floor slippery
  • It best for people who can not stand cleaners that have strong smell because it doesn’t have too much scent
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money… it very affordable
  • It great for all types of hardwood flooring such as Vinyl, laminate, bamboo and a lot more
  • I have been using it for quite some time now and have not had to remove any buildup
  • It is easy to use, you won’t even have to dilute it with water… you just spray it directly to the floor and mop with microfiber
  • If your dog can’t stand strong cleaners than this cleaner is exactly what you are looking for
  • It also works with real wood floors with no wax or gloss
  • Another thing that I love about this cleaner is that it removes scuff marks
  • It removes water spots
  • It removes dried foot prints
  • It leaves the floor in it original state with a slight gloss to it

What are the thing that I don’t like about bruce cleaner?

I honestly do not have anything that I do not like about this cleaner simple because it does exactly everything that I needed from a hardwood floor cleaner and it freaking works like magic.

I do not have a single regret from using it, I do not have a single regret from spending my money on it…. Buying it was worth very penny that why I highly recommend it.

Where to buy?

Bruce hardwood floor cleaner

Bruce hardwood floor cleaner

CLICK HERE TO BUY IT ONLINE FROM AMAZON.COM so you can get it for a much cheaper price.

Please note: I have nothing against using the Vim hardwood floor cleaner to clean your home, but if you have pets, then do not buy it because you are going to be very disappointed.

There are lot of things that I loved about the Vim cleaner but I do not see myself suing it ever again just because it made my dog sneeze.

I hope this article was helpful… god bless and good luck.

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