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Is vinyl or laminate better for dogs

 Is vinyl or laminate better for dogs

My house has both laminate floor and vinyl floors… we have two dogs, based on my personal experience, I honestly believe that vinyl floors is 10 times better for homes with pets such as dogs and cats.

The reason I prefer vinyl floors over laminate floors for homes with pets is because vinyl floors is water proof which means you won’t have to worry about pet urine since vinyl floors cannot get damaged by liquids such as water or dog urine.

Laminate floors are not water proof, you are going to have a really hard time getting rid of pet urine smell or dog urine stains.

Dog urine cannot damage vinyl floors, but in order to get rid of dog urine smell or dog urine stains off vinyl floors, you are going to need to use ANGRY ORANGE Pet Urine Remover , it works like magic on vinyl floors when it comes to removing dog urine stains or urine smell.

I don’t have anything against laminate floors, I also love laminate floors, our dining room has dark laminate floors but it not good for homes with pets because it get damaged easily by pet urine.

Things that I love about vinyl floors

There are a lot of things that I love about vinyl floors, but one of my favorite’s things about vinyl floors is that, it is water proof, nothing that beat that. That I why I highly recommend it to people who have dogs that piss all over the place.

Pet urine can smell really bad, good thing that vinyl floors is that it doesn’t absorb pet urine, plus 90% of vinyl floors have some type of a wear layer to help protects the floor from dog claws…

The vinyl floor that we have in our home also has an Enhanced wear layer protects against scratches

If you are thinking about getting vinyl floors, you need to get SELKIRK Vinyl Plank Flooring.

Please note: there is no such thing as a perfect floor, all floors have pros and cons, vinyl floors is also not perfect but it makes things easier if you have pets.

Removing dog urine smell out of laminate floors is not a piece of cake, it is very hard, I have two dogs and I’m speaking from my own personal experience.

Removing dog urine smell or dog urine stains on vinyl floors is extremely easily because vinyl floors are plastic, they don’t absorbs liquids such as wood or laminate floor.

Some people prefer laminate floor over vinyl floors, which are totally understand, if you want laminate floors than I’m not against that, but I would highly recommend getting vinyl floors if you have dogs that piss all over time place just to save yourself from stress.

Things that I don’t like about vinyl floors

  • Furniture can easily dent vinyl floors, that the only downfall I hate about vinyl floors, but there are a lot of ways to protect vinyl floors from furniture these days such as using furniture pads.

What is the best way to get rid of dog urine on vinyl floors and laminate floor

There are a lot of ways to get rid of pet urine smell, some people use bleach, some people use vinegar.

I’m going to recommend what I personally use when removing my dog urine stains, I use ANGRY ORANGE Pet Urine Remover and it works like magic.

Why do I recommend using ANGRY ORANGE?

The reason I recommend ANGRY ORANGE is because it was made and designed for removing pet urine smell, pet urine stains and pet urine odor.

I have been using it for the past year and it does the job very well, it is 100 times better than anything that I have tried.

I have tried quite a lot of different product, some product ended up discoloring my laminate floors, but that has never happened since the day I started using the ANGRY ORANGE.

It works on both vinyl floors and laminate floors… been using it twice a week since my dogs pee all over time place and it has never given me ay issues that is why I highly recommend it.

Things that I like about ANGRY ORANGE pert urine cleaner

  • It doesn’t discolor the floor over time, it work best on both dark or light floors
  • It works on hardwood floor, laminate floors, vinyl floors, bamboo floors, LVP floors, engineered hardwood floors, tile floors and on all hard surface floors
  • It doesn’t leave residue on the floor
  • It also won’t cause build up over time
  • It won’t leave streaks even when using it daily
  • Another big reason I recommend this product is because it doesn’t have a strong smell such as vinegar or bleach, this product has a nice smelling scent and it very mild that is why I also highly recommend it to people who hate strong cleaners
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money, it cheap and it works… you are not going to have a single regret from trying it on your floors
  • It easy to use, it removes the urine smell or urine stains easily, you won’t even need to put any effort... no need for hard scrubbing. This just works by it self
  • It doesn’t make the floor slippery after using it
  • It doesn’t have any chemicals that could harm your pets over time
  • Another reason to use this is because it doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients that could damage your floors over time…
  • It works on both cats and do urine, you won’t need to spend money on different product for each pet…
  • It doesn’t have a strong perfume smell, I hate cleaners that have too much scent, this product has a very mild smell, it not too strong but it makes the house smell very nice
  • No matter how smelly I your pet urine, this stuff works…

What are the things that I don’t like about this pet urine eliminator?

For now I don’t have anything that I do not like about it simple because it does what I needed, on top of that it has never given me or my dogs any problems.

Where can you get this pet urine remover?

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