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Is vinyl plank flooring good for dogs

Is vinyl plank flooring good for dogs

Yes, vinyl flooring is extremely good for dogs simple because it water proof which means you won’t have to worry about pet urine.

Pet urine can easily damage bamboo floors, hardwood floor and sometimes laminate floors…. It better to just get vinyl plank flooring if you have pets such as dogs.

Laminate flooring is not water proof since it is made out of recycled hardwood, dog urine will slowly but surely damage or ruin the laminate flooring over time.

Bamboo flooring is also not water proof, a lot of people think that bamboo flooring is water resistant which is not true.

Bamboo is a grass, which means it more resilient than hardwood when it comes to water but it is not immune to water damages. Dog urine can also damage bamboo floors over time.

It better to just get vinyl floors is you have a dog so you won’t have to worry about pet urine from damaging your floors.

Vinyl flooring is 100% plastic

Vinyl flooring offers resistance to dog urine that is why I highly recommend it to people who have pets.

Which vinyl flooring do I recommend for people who have dogs?

There are a lot of vinyl flooring that you can choose from but if you have a dog than I would highly recommend getting the SELKIRK Vinyl plank flooring.

Why do I recommend SELKIRK Vinyl planks for people who have dogs?

Simple because its dog urine proof…

What great about the SELKIRK Vinyl planks is that it 100% pet’s urine proof, what more can you ask for?

It water proof which means common household spills won't damage the floor over time plus it looks great on any room.

My dining room has SELKIRK Vinyl and it makes my dining room look a lot more expensive plus it also brings color to the room.

5 reasons to get SELKIRK Vinyl planks if you have dogs:

1. It comes with a high-quality wear layer

It has an enhanced wear layer, which means the wear layer will protect your floor from scratches...

If you have a dog that has long paws or sharp nails than you won't have to worry about the dog from scratching your floor.

2. Vinyl plank flooring will never go out of style

Vinyl floor is stylish, it brings color to any room and it also makes the house look a lot more expensive.

If you want to make your neighbors jalouse than you need to get vinyl planks.

My dining room has had vinyl floors for over 2 years and I still can’t get enough of looking at it, it amazes me almost every single day.

3. Vinyl floors is extremely easy to maintain.

Vinyl floors is plastic, you won’t need expensive floor cleaners, you won’t need super expensive vacuum cleaners to clean the dust of your floors.

Cleaning vinyl floors is 10 times easier than any other floor available on the market right now.

Please note: not all cleaners are good for vinyl floors, the only cleaner that I personally use and recommend is the Rejuvenate floor cleaner simple because it was made and specially designed for vinyl floors.

The Rejuvenate cleaner won’t make the floor slippery, it won’t make the floor glossy and also won’t discolor your planks over time plus it safe on dogs.

4. If your dog is a messy eater or a sloppy drinker than you definitely need to get vinyl flooring

My dog is a messy eater, he makes mess all over the place when his eating, I’ve even tried using non slip dog bowls but none worked.

What great about vinyl floors is that, it very easy to clean when the dog makes mess.

Most dogs are sloppy drinkers, you won’t have to worry about the dog from slipping water all over the floor since vinyl floor is water proof.

5. Vinyl floors can last for over 15 to 20 years.

If you are looking for super luxury floors that will make your house look like a million-dollar home than getting vinyl floors is what you should do.

What great about vinyl floors is that, you won’t have to worry about sanding it unlike hardwood floors.

vinyl floors doesn’t lose it color over time unlike laminate floors or bamboo floors… what more can you really ask for?

6. Bonus: Vinyl floors is super easy to install

You won’t need to hire a professional to install it, almost anyone can easily install vinyl floors, you won’t need any special skills to do it.

when installing vinyl floors, most of the time you don't even need a subfloor prep...

What awesome about vinyl floors is that it can be installed on over existing hard surfaces such as concrete, old ceramic tile and even on top of carpet.

You won’t need to remove the old floor when installing vinyl flooring… it can be installed on top of any hard surface floors.

Is SELKIRK Vinyl planks really good for Pappies ?


CLICK HERE TO GET A SAMPLE of SELKIRK Vinyl planks from amazon so you can touch it and feel it wit your bare hands before spending your money on it.

It better to get the sample just so you can know what are you going to be installing in your home.

How expensive is vinyl flooring?

It not cheap and also not expensive, it just affordable… almost anyone can afford vinyl floors.

It really not expensive on top of that it waterproof plus it also scratch and stain resistant, but what I mostly love about it is that it comfortable underfoot.

What most important is that, vinyl floors are not just cheap to purchase but it also a lot cheaper to maintain.

What are the things that I do not like about vinyl floors?

Well, I’ve had vinyl flooring in my dining room for over 2 years now and I honestly don’t have anything that I don’t like about it.

My dining room had hardwood floors but then we replaced the hardwood with vinyl floors simple because my dog used to pee on the dining room floor and the urine really damaged the hardwood.

Don’t forget to get your sample of SELKIRK Vinyl.

The SELKIRK Vinyl has a 15-year life span and it comes with a 5-year light-commercial warranty.

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