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Are latex backed rugs safe for laminate floors

Are latex backed rugs safe for laminate floors

No, latex backed rugs are not safe on laminate floors because they discolor the floor over time.

I have laminate floors in my house, we had a latex backed rug in our dining room and it ruined the floor badly that we had to remove the laminate planks and bought new ones.

The rug discolored the floor and left huge residue behind and on top of that it left huge scuff marks.

The only way to protect your laminate floors from your expensive latex backed rugs is to put a rug pad underneath your area rugs.

Don’t use just any rug pad though, you need to use a rug pad that was designed for laminate floors because some rug pads can also damage your floors in the long run.

There are a lot of rug pads to choose from these days but the only rug pad that I personally recommend is the Felt Rug Pad USA simple because it is what I also put under my rugs and it does the job very well.

Rug pads will prevent your latex backed rugs from ruining your floors over time…

Rug pads won’t only protect your floors but a pad also makes the rugs a little bit more comfy to the feet.

There are a lot of things that I love about my Rug pad USA but what I love the most is that it kind of makes my area rugs look a lot more expensive.

My dining rugs look a lot more stylish because of the rug pad underneath…

The reason I recommend this rug pad is because it is felt, which means it is safe and suitable for laminate floors.

This rug pad works on all types of floating floors, best for hardwood floor, laminate floor, vinyl floor or bamboo flooring.

This rug pad will also help prevent your area rugs from slipping, if your rugs keep on sliding then this rug pad will keep them in place.

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You are going to be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people are highly recommending rug pad USA.

Things that I love about the rug pad USA?

  • The rubber backing against my laminate floor works awesome, it does not slide one bit, the thickness of the pad is great if you don’t want the area rug to look really bulky and raised up, it keeps the lower profile on my rug but it still giving it cushion, the felt does a decent job of keeping the area rug in place.
  • It is perfect because it not only stops the area rug from sliding on my laminate floor but it also adds a nice cushion making my cheap area rug look a lot more expensive, this rug pad saves the pile on the rug and life of the carpet because it’s not being crushed against a hard solid surface as you walk on it.
  • Make sure that you follow the instructions and if the rug pad needs to be cut, cut the rug pad at least 1 inch from the edges all round, the rug edges will flatten out after a day so you won’t trip over it also it easy to cut perfect for what I was looking for, this new rug pad holds my area rug like glue no more shifting and sliding.
  • This rug pad has a great quality, the price is reasonable very affordable, their service is quite good because the delivery was quick, the pad was well packaged and easy to roll out absolutely no complaints I’m really happy with this product, this rug pad has been a great pleasure to use also a good investment for me.
  • Whenever my dogs and toddlers are running around my area rug no longer budge or keep sliding making them fall on the floor, ever since I installed this rug pad they keep running around like there is no tomorrow without being injured nor falling on the floor finally they can play in peace and I’m really happy… the pad made a huge difference in comfort! It makes the area rug feel much more substantial and held up well with my dog and toddlers running over it.
  • Very high quality rug pad it’s a felt fabric on top and non-slid rubbery on the bottom, the thickness adds a nice cushion to the carpet but not too thick that it makes the furniture wobbly or anything like that, it adds the right amount of softness to the rug.
  • This is a great rug pad one side has a rubber that has felt so it save for the floor as it won’t discolor your floors over time other side is soft, you can use either side for your particular needs, it is not slippery and it provides a low height pad under the rug, beautifully thick and perfect for the area rug on my laminate floors.
  • This pad feels so plush under the rug, there is no slipping on the floor at all and it feels like it won’t damage the laminate floor underneath it, it is a great value and the price is very affordable, before I purchased it I compared several different rug pad alternatives and I am so glad that I got this one.
  • Very pleased with this product, it provides good cushion, it does not shed or start to come apart like others that I’ve purchased before, this rug pad protect any kind of flooring… I highly recommend and would definitely buy again.
  • It very easy to cut if the pad is too big for your area rug, it have much quality than the rubber waffle that I had before, when you cut it make sure to use regular scissors and it adds nice amount of cushioning, definitely keeps area rug from sliding on my laminate floor.

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