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Office chair on vinyl plank flooring | Protect your floor

Office chair on vinyl plank flooring

Office chair casters can easily dent vinyl floors.

So, what is the solution?

Well, I’m not going to beat around the bush, I’ll just go straight to the point.

You need to replace your office chair casters as soon as possible before your office chair makes a really expensive damage.

Fixing vinyl floor dents will cost you a lot of money that is why you need to use office chair casters that wont ruin your expensive vinyl floors over time.

So, what are the best office chair casters that wont ruin or dent your vinyl floors over time?

The office chair casters that you need to use are the Office Chair Wheels By LifeLong.

Why do I recommend these casters?

Because they are safe, they glide smoothly, they won’t dent your vinyl floors and also doesn’t cost a lot of money at the same time.

These are by far the best high-quality affordable office chair casters available on the market right now.

Are these casters really worth it?

Heck yeah..

These were made and designed for sensitive floors such as vinyl plank flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring and engineered hardwood flooring.

You really need to try out these casters… you won’t regret it.

Why do I recommend these casters?

Because I use them myself and they work pretty well for me.

I also bought these casters for my wife and she loves them, if my wife loves these than I’m pretty sure you’ll love them too…

I have recommended these to a bunch of my friends and I have never received a single complain… which means these does really work.

Will these casters work for super-sized people?

Lol, these work for my dad and he is over 400 pounds… so yeah.

Will these last?

Yeah, these are not just some cheap quality casters you’ll find on eBay, these were made for heavy duty.

these casters can support loads up 650 pounds…

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS just so you can hear what other people are saying…

Good thing about those reviews is that, they are not fake… those are real people who have also bought these.

I’ll be honest, at first, I was also a little bit skeptical.

But then, the reviews kinda gave me hope that these were not garbage.

I’ve tried like 5 different office chair casters before the lifelong casters, and all were garbage.

So, what are the things that I love about these office chair casters?

  • These work well on vinyl floors
  • They glide smoothly on vinyl floors
  • They wont damage or ruin your vinyl floors over time
  • They don’t dent the floor
  • They roll or glide nicely without making annoying squeaky noise
  • They are easy to apply, you can put these casters yourself, you won’t need any specially skills or tools do to it
  • They are high quality strong rubber, they don’t wear or tear easily
  • They look awesome, these are extremely attractive
  • They kinda match any décor of the office
  • They are transparent and also look good on almost any office chair

So, why should you buy these?

Because they work like magic, plus these casters will save you a lot of money in the long run…

We all know that fixing vinyl floor dents can cost quite a lot of money.

How much do these casters costs?

You really don’t have to worry about the price.

These are cheap but high quality at the same time... almost anyone can buy these without breaking the bank…


What are the things that I do not like about these office chair casters?

Mmmm, this will probably sound too good to be true but I don’t have anything that I don’t like about these! except, these don’t work very well with IKEA chairs.

Caution: these are not compatible with IKEA chairs…

Do these casters come with locks?

Nope... these glide nicely but they don’t slide, so you really don’t have anything to worry about.

9 reasons to buy these caster wheels for your office chair if you have vinyl floors

  1. These are safe on vinyl floors because, they are made of a soft but densely durable rubber material, which means, these wont ruin your vinyl floors over time
  2. They can withstand up to 650m pounds… these basically work for everyone…
  3. Doesn’t cost a lot of money, cheap but high quality at the same time
  4. Most caster wheels make noise when moving the chair, well, these won’t make a single noise… great thing about these caster wheels is that, they are super quite… you won’t have to worry about annoying squeaky noise when gliding the chair
  5. These look stylish, they will kinda make your office chair look a lot more expensive lol…
  6. These don’t attract dog hair… the original caster wheels that came with my office chair were felt casters and they were attracting a lot of dog hair... I work from home and my dog loves to chill on my home office.
  7. These are well made… the design is just out of this world, by far the best well made caster wheels available on the market right now…
  8. These also glide smoothly on the carpet, if your office has vinyl floor and a carpet than these caster wheels will work just fine…
  9. You need to think long term… make sure to use caster wheels that won’t discolor your vinyl floor over time... well these wheels are exactly that, these are great for daily use

You wanna hear something funny? These wheels are quite as a mouse…

The only thing that I can assure you is that, these caster wheels are 100 times better than the original wheels that came with your office chair.

So where can you get these office caster wheels?


Office chairs can seriously damage vinyl floors over time, buying these wheels was by far the best investment I’ve made this year when it comes to protecting my vinyl floors.

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