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Office chair wheels for thick carpet

Office chair wheels for thick carpet

About two weeks ago, my dad surprised me with a really nice stylish thick carpet for my birthday.

This was by far the best birthday gift I have ever received from my dad, so, I use this carpet on my office… but after a while I soon realized that the caster wheels on my office chair was slowly running my expensive carpet.

This really pissed me off because this carpet was extremely expensive.

So, I went online and searched for caster wheels that were designed for carpet, then luckily found caster wheels that does a lot more than what I expected.

These are got to be by far the best caster wheels I have ever used, they are great on my carpet, they don’t get stuck, they roll nicely and on top of that they kinda makes my chair look a lot more expensive.

The wheels are called heavy duty caster wheels by lifelong and they work like magic… highly recommend them to anyone looking for wheels that are suitable for thick carpet.

What makes these caster wheels different from other wheels?

1, these roll nicely on the carpet even when you are sitting on the chair.

They glide smoothly from hard surface floor to carpet, they don’t get stuck and also don’t make any squeaky annoying noise when rolling the chair…

Why do I recommend these wheels?

I recommended these to two of my best friends and they both told me that they loved the wheels.

If both my friends loved these than I’m petty sure that you are going to love these too.

Charmaine had high pile carpet on her office and Anita has thick carpet, they both told me that these worked on both different types of carpet.

You’ve got nothing to lose, these are cheap but high quality at the same time, just try them out and see if they work for you.

You can always get your money back just in case they don’t work for you.

You know what? Just CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS just to hear what other people are saying who are also using these wheels.

You are going to be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people who have thick carpet are also highly recommending these office chair casters.

I was also a bit skeptical at first, but bought the wheels after reading the reviews since most people were also highly recommending them.

If you have thick carpet in your office than the only thing that I can promise you is that, you are not going to have any regret from spending your money on these wheels.

They are durable, they don’t damage the carpet, they don’t get stuck even on high pile carpet.

Please note’ these were not only designed for thick carpet, you can use them on high pile carpet, low pile carpet, cushy carpet or all types of area rugs.

These were made for heavy duty, but the wheels are very soft rubber, so you don’t have anything to worry about, they won’t wear your sensitive thick carpet over time.

How much do these wheels cost?

What are the things that I love about these wheels?

  • Simple, because what these casters do is so unbelievable in my thick carpet floor ever since I got these it easy to roll across desks.
  • The results of these caster wheels are game changing, with basically no damage to the floor, these are exactly what they appear to be, rollerblade wheels with an adapter attached.
  • These are high quality, amazing functionality and much nicer looking too and I have already recommended them to a friend who also wanted casters that will be gentle on her thick floor.
  • The wheels are larger and made of rubber this makes the chair movement more efficient and kinder to the floor.
  • They roll over everything and they make your chair raw smoothly, they are affordable and they are worth every penny because they are truly a life changing.
  • Installing them is a matter of pulling the current wheels off, and popping these, they protect your floor, and glide around making no noise at all.
  • They are strong and sturdy I highly recommend them if you do not want your floors scratched.
  • These wheels are a bit bigger in diameter and that a good thing.
  • They also move pretty well with hundreds of pounds on the chair.
  • They are absolutely fast and easy to install, you won’t even need any tools when installing them on your chair.

What are the things that I didn’t like about these wheels?

  • I’ve had these wheels for about two weeks now, so far, I honestly do not have anything negative to say about them just because they haven’t given me any issues.
  • There is no such thing as a perfect product, these wheels are also not perfect, the only small downfall is that they are not easy to clean.

Where to buy?

What makes these wheels different from other wheels available on the market right now?

These are a lot different from most standard wheels that comes with office chairs.

These are not plastic which means they won’t wear your carpet over time.

I’ve tried quite a few different wheels on amazon and some were decent, some were horrible and some were just pure garbage.

The lifelong wheels are a lot better when it comes to the stability and durable.

Another thing that makes these wheels stand out is that, they can withstand loads up to 650lbs, no other office chair wheels can beat that.

Out of all the wheels that are available on the market right now, these are your best option… they are not expensive but high quality at the same time.

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