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Rug pad vs Shelf liner

Rug pad vs Shelf liner

When it comes to keeping your area rugs in place, using a rug pad is by far the best way to do it...

Some people recommend using a shelf liner since shelf liners are much more affordable.

Rug pads are expensive these days, some rug pads cost more than a rug itself, so I definitely understand why some people prefer using a shelf liner instead of a rug pad.

Based on my personal experience, using a shelf liner under your rugs is a bad idea simple because shelf liners were not designed for that.

Shelf liners cannot keep a rug in place, I also have put a shelf liner underneath my dining room rug and it caused a lot of problems, the rug kept sliding and it also discolored my hardwood floors.

Using a shelf liner is much cheaper but it a bad idea because it will slowly but surely discolor your floors over time especially if you have Hardwood floors, laminate floor or vinyl floors.

Using a shelf liner is also a bad idea because most shelf liners available on the market right now are only about 12 to 20 inches wide, so you won’t be able to use it on bigger area rugs, you will have to tape two strips together in order to fit most large area rugs.

So, I prefer buying a rug pad instead of using a shelf liner simple because I had a very bad experience when I tried putting a shelf liner under my rugs.

Please note: I doesn’t have anything against using a shelf liner, but it was made and designed for preventing dishes from denting the cabinet, it wasn’t designed to be used a pad. It won’t help when it comes to keeping your rugs in place. 


What is the best rug pad that won’t ruin your floors over time?

I highly recommend the Mohawk Non-slip Rug Pad simple because I have been using it for more than 7 months and it has never given me any issues.

Not all rug pads are safe, some rug pad can ruin your floors over time that is why you need to be careful when shopping for a pad to use under your rugs.

There are quite a lot of rug pads that you can choose from available on amazon right now but the reason I only recommend the Mohawk non slip rug pad is because it is exactly what I use and it does the job very well.

CLICK HERE TO CHECK THE CUSTOMER REVIEWS ON AMAZON Just to see other people’s point of view who also recommend to have rug pad than shelf liner

You are going to be amazed by the reviews and see how they love this pad especially people who have kids and pets, and it fit any hardwood floor or tiles.

How much does it cost?

This rug pad is expensive but affordable because of the good quality and it very strong and last for years

I can promise you that you will not be disappointed by this rug it been months now I have purchase the pad and it still fresh so you will not have a single regret from spending your money buying this pad.

The value of this pad is worth the price and you are going to love it for your house.

10 things that I love about the Mohawk nonslip rug pad:

  • I love this rug pad simple because it keeps my rug in place and in a good shape because my dogs always flinging the rug around when they play on it and with the pad the rug will no longer move and even I vacuum it is very easy.
  • The good thing this rug pad is that it does not leave any streaks or residues on my hardwood floors and the pad does a great job on absorbing water from going underneath.
  • It is very easy to cut using a scissor when it big for your rug and it will fit perfectly. The pad saved our rugs life now it doesn’t bunch or slide and with the pas the rug is more soft and comfy to walk on it.
  • I highly recommend this rug pad to people who have kids and pets like myself my kids loves to play on the rug and my dogs always take a nap on it and it used to move and slide and now I have put the pad it has stick to that area and it no longer flinging.
  • I bought another piece of rug for my kitchen so that I will stand on it when am cooking and kids when they are washing dishes, the pad has helped my rug to feel much softer to walk on and absorbs water.
  • This is a nice quality pad for any hardwood floor and it non slip the rubber pad offers the most cushioning underfoot and it a good choice for high traffic areas it not going to slide the thickness of the pad holds perfectly fine.
  • I am satisfied with this pad because it pretty thick material that adds a nice layer of comfort to my dining room rug with the rubber backing on the bottom of the pad the area rug feels more comfy and am happy with the results.
  • I recommend this rug to anyone who want to protect their floors and more life to their area rugs like myself my vinyl floor is very expensive and I am very careful I don’t want anything that will scratch it or damaged by water.
  • The pad has solved the problems and it is non slip my kids won’t have any accidents of falling now with the pad it safe they can play and run around with no fear.
  • Although the rug pad is expensive but it a good choice to buy it and it last very long if you take care of it by making sure that the rug is dry before you stick the pad under the rug. You will buy it once and last a very long time.

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