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Rug pads safe for vinyl plank floors

Rug pads safe for vinyl plank floors

If you have vinyl floor in your home and looking for a safe rug pad to use, then you need to get the Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt and Latex Non Slip Rug Pad.

Why do I recommend this rug pad?

The reason I’m recommending this rug pad is because I also have vinyl floors in my house and this rug pad is what I use to keep my area rugs in place and it works like magic.

I have tried more than 5 different rug pads from amazon.com but the Mohawk Rug Pad is got to be by far the best rug pad I have ever used plus it safe on all types of hardwood flooring.

Is this rug pad really safe on vinyl plank floors?

Yes… I also have vinyl plank floors and this rug pad has never given me any issues…

  • It good on vinyl hardwood floor floors
  • It good on all laminate hardwood floors
  • It good on bamboo hardwood floor
  • It good on engineered hardwood floor

What are the things that I love about this rug pad?

  • It safe on all hardwood floor types
  • It easy to use
  • It keeps my area rugs in place
  • It prevents my door mat from slipping
  • It keeps the area rug sturdy even on high traffic areas
  • It makes the area rug more comfortable
  • It adds cushion to your area rugs or carpets
  • It is super high quality
  • It strong
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money
  • It easy to cut or resize
  • It doesn’t discolor the wood floor
  • It doesn’t scratch my vinyl hardwood floor like the other rugs I have tried
  • It holds my area rugs very well…
  • I have a very large area rug on my living room and this rug pad seems adequate and feel stable
  • It is not too thin and also not too thick
  • It great when you want to add more volume to your thin area rugs
  • It prevents the rugs from slipping better than any other rug pad I have ever used
  • It makes the area rugs look expensive because of the cushion it adds
  • It works perfect even when using it under a door mat
  • It immediately laid flat the day it was delivered
  • It protects the floor and extends the life span of your area rugs and carpets
  • It nicely hidden under my area rugs
  • It works well and fit perfectly under the rug
  • It sticks on the wood floor without leaving residue
  • It perfect for people who have thin wool area rugs
  • It helps prevent trip hazard
  • It makes the area rugs stable, soft and super comfy
  • It is made here in the United State… it is not a cheap rug pad from china
  • It is not toxic
  • It doesn’t have any chemicals that could ruin your hardwood floors
  • It gives the rug an extra padding to make it cozy and soft for the kids to play
  • It is by far the best non-slip rug pad I have ever spent my money on
  • It makes the rug feel lux and people won’t even notice that there is a rug pad under your carpets

Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt and Latex Non Slip Rug Pad

Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt and Latex Non Slip Rug Pad


What makes this rug pad different from other rug pads?

This rug pad is different from all the rug pads I have used just because it great on hardwood and its super high quality plus it stays flat within seconds after taking it out from the box.

When I received it, it was wrapped in a box and it immediately laid flat once I took it out of the box.

What are the things you need to know about this rug pad?

Before you use it, you need to sweep and wash the floor to ensure non- slip features…

Another thing you need to know about this rug is that, it is not easy to trim due to the thickness, you are going to need a good cutting tool.

What are the things that I don’t like about this rug pad?

Well, this rug pad does exactly what I needed and it doesn’t slip, for now I honestly do not have anything that I don’t like about it.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS FROM AMAZON so you can hear what other people are saying.

You are going to love the reviews since a lot of people who have vinyl plank floors are also highly recommending it.

Is this rug pad easy to wash?

Not really, it is very heavy… you will need to spot clean it with water…
It is just too big to wash and also too large and would definitely not hold up in a washing machine.

What are the cons and pros of this rug pad?


  • Its super high quality
  • It adds cushion to the rugs
  • It is non-slip… it keeps rugs in place
  • It makes the rugs more comfy
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money


  • It not easy to wash because it large
  • It not easy to cut because of the thickness, you will need a cutting tool to resize it

How much does it cost?


I bought mine from amazon about 6 months ago so I’m really not sure about the current price because amazon kind of changes their prices quite often.

Please note: Do not buy it offline because it cost twice as much when buying it locally…

It is ridiculously expensive when buying it offline so make sure to buy it online from amazon so you can get it for a much cheaper reasonable price.

Does this rug pad add height to the rug?

Yes, it adds height to the carpet, but you really don’t have anything to worry about since the height is not enough to be trip hazard.

The height is just enough to add a little cushioning to your carpet and rugs.

Where to buy?

It better to buy it online from amazon so you can save…


I myself bought it from amazon and I’m very happy with my purchase plus it was nicely wrapped and also was delivered on time.

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