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5 Square chair leg caps for laminate floor

Square chair leg caps for laminate floor

In today’s article, I’m going to review top 5 chair caps that are suitable for laminate floors.

1. Warm hut silicone chair leg caps


  • These chair leg caps are suitable for chairs, tables, and dining room chairs and tables the sitting room set
  • The chair legs bring the comfort and protect your floors from being scratched by the furniture
  • The good thing about these chair legs is that once you put them they fit and stick perfect and when you lift up the chairs they don’t fall.
  • The caps are amazing they have felt bottom that allows them to slide gently on the floor without leaving marks and scratches and they are unnoticeable on the chairs
  • The chair legs caps fit the chairs and tables perfectly especially the square set and they stay on the feet when sliding and they dot leave any residues on the floors.
  • They are very easy to install on the right size chair legs and extremely solid and durable once installed, they make it easy to move the furniture around without uplifting the furniture. These caps are floor protectors.

2. Antrader black silicone furniture pads


  • The antrader chair leg caps come in 16 pieces and they can fit all your furniture
  • These caps works absolutely fantastic on my kitchen chairs because I couldn’t stand the noise of my kids banging and dragging chairs in my  laminate floors
  • The amazing thing about the chair legs caps is that they don’t twist or fall off especially the square shape they work fabulous.
  • These are perfect size and color black that fit in any color of your furniture and they slide on my laminate floor with no sound or noise.
  • These black square silicone chair legs are a great purchase and they does not slip or come off and they are great for outdoor patio furniture as well.
  • The silicone feels real and durable on laminate floor with the felt bottom that feels nice on the floors and make it little thicker
  • The price is right and the pads last for a very long time and they strong and high quality and the good thing they come in a pack if 16 pieces.
  • These chair leg caps are a life saver and problem solver for hardwood floor lovers.

3. Musjos Silicone chair legs


  • These are felt, they do not scratch the floor that is why I highly recommend them for laminate floors
  • They are great on hardwood floor, vinyl floor, bamboo floor and engineered hardwood floor
  • They work on dining room chair, grit on kitchen chairs and also loves on sitting room chairs
  • They will help prevent your chairs from discoloring your floors
  • They are easy to use
  • They are cheap but high quality at the same time
  • They scratch, they are silicon which means they fit perfectly on any legs
  • They do not come off when lifting up the chairs while cleaning, sweeping or mopping
  • They come in two shapes, round and square, which means they work on both round and square legs
  • They do not come off easily, which means your kids won’t be able to take them off
  • They do not pick up pet hair, that is why I highly recommend them for people who have dogs and cats
  • They will last you for a VERY LONG TIME, great for long term protection
  • They are strong, they do not tear or wear easily even on dirty floors

4. Warm hut transparent clear silicone chair legs


  • They stick on the feet even when sliding the chair while sitting on it.
  • The square set fit the chairs perfectly
  • They are not  cat hair magnet
  • They work very well to protect hardwood floors
  • The color is transparent and they are not noticeable on the chairs
  • They are very easy to install and they are floor protectors and very durable
  • They slide very nice on the floor and doesn’t slip
  • They are perfect to stop floor scratches on hardwood and also soundproof the chairs
  • The felt bottom are non-slip
  • They strong quality and last long
  • They fit tightly on the chairs even the dogs can’t take them off
  • They are suitable for any type of hardwood floors
  • They are a square and rectangle shape it depend on the size and shape of your table and chair legs
  • The caps add a little thickness on your chairs legs.


  • The size is way bigger for my chairs and they are not easy to cut and make the shape
  • It very difficult to find the perfect size for kitchen chairs

5. Antrader PVC furniture pads pros and cons:


  • These work great on laminate floors because they don’t stick and not slipping off
  • No catching on fit or clothes and they don’t collect dirt hair and dogs hair
  • The caps are great they stay on and they are low profile and very easy to install
  • They have a slight friction when sliding on the floor and they do not scratch my laminate floor
  • They are a rubber and come in 16 pieces with square shape and they fit perfectly.
  • They don’t leave any residues or makes on the floor because it a rubber material
  • They are cheap but also a high quality
  •  They are suitable for tables, chairs and outdoor patio furniture
  • They protect floors from being damaged by the furniture
  • They are perfect for people who have kids and pets.


  • They are way too big
  • Because of the rubber material they fall off when you uplift the chairs
  • They are a strong quality but you need to be careful that the dogs don’t bite the rubber
  • Don’t put it on the wet floor because the rubber can discolor your floors

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