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Treadmill on laminate floor

Treadmill on laminate floor

Running on a treadmill is easier than running outdoors for sure, but is it really safe to have a treadmill on top of floating floors such as laminate flooring?

Well, I’m not going to beat around the bush, it just straight to the point… YES, a Treadmill will definitely slowly but surely ruin your laminate flooring over time.

When running on a treadmill, you are actually just bouncing up and down and that bouncing vibration will slowly make your floating floors squeaky over time.

There are quite a lot of health benefits from exercising on a treadmill, it is also a great way to get in shape these days but you need to be very careful when exercising on a treadmill on top of floating floors.

Using treadmill everyday or even twice a week can benefit you a lot when it comes to getting in shape, but treadmills are heavy and can ruin your floating floors over time.

So, in this article I’m going to share what I personally believe is the best way to prevent your treadmill from ruining your laminate floors in the long run.

What is the best way to keep your treadmill from ruining your laminate floors over time?

Well, the answer is simple, you need to get a RevTime Heavy Duty Treadmill Mat.

Will this treadmill mat really protect your laminate floors?

Yes, I bought it for my wife and it works like magic.

This treadmill mat will help keep all the treadmill vibration within the mat and prevent the movement of the treadmill from reaching the actual floors.

What are the things that I love about this treadmill mat?

  • It will protect your laminate floors
  • It was specially made and designed for heavy treadmill, it doesn’t matter what type or how heavy is your treadmill, this mat will definitely work
  • It not just suitable for treadmills, you can use this mat for any training or fitness equipment
  • This mat was designed for only treadmills but you can still use it to protect your laminate floors from your stationary training bike or a rowing machine if you have one
  •  this mat is made of heavy duty SBR and EPDM rubber, it strong, durable and won’t ruin your laminate floors over time... the rubber backing is extremely safe and suitable for your sensitive floors.
  • what I also love about this mat is that, it won’t discolor your laminate floors over time, unlike rubber backed rugs.
  • It also reduces noise, my wife’s treadmill used to make the floor have squeaky noise whenever she was training, but that has never happened since the day we put this mat underneath her treadmill
  • What also great about this mat is that, it affordable, it kinda cheap but high quality at the same time, that is why I highly recommend it

Will this treadmill mat stain the laminate floor over time?

Nope, not really…

Most PVC mat do stain hardwood floor and laminate floors but not this one, I also have laminate floor in my house and it has never caused any issues such as staining the floor.

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The reason I bought this mat was because it was the only rubber PVC mat that people didn’t complain about when it comes to staining the floor.

So, you really don’t have anything to worry about, it high quality, it not just another cheap garbage mat that you’ll find on amazon these days.

If you want to minimize noise and vibration than this mat is exactly what you are looking for.

What are the things that we didn’t like about using this mat under my wife treadmill?

There is really nothing to not like about this mat just because it does a lot more than what we expected.

It hasn’t given us any problems, it doesn’t move or slide and also absorbs treadmill vibrations way better than anything that we have ever tried.

Having a treadmill at home is highly recommended

Running on a treadmill changes not only your body structure but believe it or not a treadmill will also improve your mind, mood and attitude.

My wife has a treadmill, I occasionally use it a few times a week and it has helped me a lot when it comes to my mood and mind.

The only thing that I didn’t like about my wife’s treadmill was that it was kinda damaging our expensive laminate floors that is how I ended up buying the RevTime Heavy Duty Treadmill Mat and it freaking awesome.

When my wife bought the treadmill, I thought it was just a waste of money lol, but the simple exercise on a treadmill like walking, jogging and running really helped me a lot when it comes to being healthy

Having a treadmill at home has quite a lot of advantages, you can use it whenever you want instead of going to the gym.

Having a treadmill makes me feel like i have everything that I need when it comes to gym equipment just because you can do a lot on a treadmill.

I was reading a Facebook post about a guy who was telling people to never buy a treadmill for home use if they have floating floors such as vinyl floors, laminate floor or hardwood floors.

Well, I totally disagree with that guy simple because there are quite a lot of ways to keep a treadmill from vibrating the floating floors such as buying a high-quality rubber treadmill mat that was made to absorb all the treadmill vibrations.

How much does this mat cost?

Well it not expensive but it also not cheap… it just affordable, almost anyone can buy this mat without breaking the bank.

We’ve had this treadmill mat for about 5 months now and buying it was a great investment simple because it helps protect our laminate floors.

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