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Water proof rugs for vinyl floors

Water proof rugs for vinyl floors

When choosing area rug that is water resistant for your vinyl floors you need to be very careful because most rugs that are water resistant that I have used are totally garbage.

Choosing high quality rug that is water resistant for your vinyl floors can be a pain.

My husband and I also made a mistake of buying an area rug that appears to be water resistant but this rug was slowly but surely damaging our vinyl floors.

We have three triplets’ beautiful girls so, whenever they play in the living room, they tend to spill everything on the floor and the water proof rug that we are currently using doesn’t do the job very well.

This really pissed me off! Because this rug was really ruining my vinyl floors, so instead of wasting more money my husband and I decided to get rid of this useless rug and find a high quality one that is also water resistant.

After searching and searching we stumbled upon a really nice area rug that is water resistant that looks good on my dining room and the living room where my babies usually play plus it is suitable for vinyl floors.

The rug that I’m talking about is called Santex TT001 water resistant area rug, and I love it its works like magic that is why I highly recommend it to anyone looking for high quality rug that is water resistant that wont damage or leave marks on the floor.

What are the things that I love about this rug?

  • Simply, because this is exactly what we’ve been looking for this past few months and finally we’ve got it and we are very happy because this area rug looks great and is holding up very nicely, it is made of plastic weave, but that is honestly the best option for a rug that takes the beating from weather and sun, this rug is very durable if you kids in your home.
  • It is very nice and make our home look a lot more expensive, I’m highly impressed with the quality for the price I absolutely love it, it looks perfect and so easy to clean if it gets muddy, I highly recommend this rug!
  • I’m very happy with this purchase! The rug is very pretty and will definitely look good on patio also this will be perfect for pool area to keep feet cool! If you have kids like myself you really need to get this rug, they will definitely love it… my babies are also fond of this rug
  • This area rug is just as advertised, love it perfect for my dining and living room, it stays cool when it is hot and dries quickly when it rains… I’m very happy because ever since we started using it there are no marks or any damages on my vinyl floors.
  • My husband also asked me to order another one for porch because on weekends he usually spends a lot of time there with his friends socializing and a lot of things get spilled on the floor… with this new rug I just hose it off and looks good as new.
  • This rug looks really good, if you look at it you would never know that it is made of plastic that how beautiful it is and the quality on this rug is on another level. I couldn’t be happier!
  • I really love this rug because it is constructed to absorb water and it dry quickly you have nothing to worry yourself about, it also keeps your floors clean and fresh, it also protects your floors from water damage.
  • They fit the bill perfectly its so convenient to wash this rug without loosing it shape no slip color, this rug is really a great pleasure to use in your home… this is perfect! Good quality, don’t hesitate to purchase.
  • Totally awesome, I have really enjoyed using this rug in my house, it has survived several washes (probably 7-10) months without any changes in the appearance… already recommended this rug to my other family because WOW! This rug is amazing.

How much does it cost?

It cheap but high quality at same time, so you really don’t have to worry about the price.

What made me buy this rug was because of the customer reviews since a lot of people were also highly recommending it…

So please make sure to read the reviews just to hear what other are saying… you are going to be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people who have vinyl floors are also recommending this rug.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS FROM AMAZON just so you can hear what other customers are saying who are also using this rug.

What makes this rug different from other rugs available on the market right now?

It not only for indoors, you can also put it outside…

So, if you are looking for a rug to put on your patio than this rug is exactly what you are looking for since it high quality, stylish and also water proof.

What are the things that I don’t like about this rug?

  • It doesn’t fit on a washing machine, I’m lazy so washing this rug is a pain just because it doesn’t fit on a machine… you are forced to use your bare hand to wash it once it get dirty
  • squeaks like wet flip flops which means it makes some pretty annoying noises when you walk on it, again, you are going to need a rug pad to keep it from making noise
  • it is very slippery, so you are kind of forced to put a rug pad underneath… rug pads are very expensive, so if you can’t afford a rug pad than this rug is definitely not for you.

Where to buy?

It available on a lot of online shops, but it much cheaper on amazon.
I also bought it on amazon and I’m very happy with my purchase since it was delivered on time.

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