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What to Put Under Gun Safe on Hardwood Floor

What to Put Under Gun Safe on Hardwood Floor

I personally believe that a gun does make your home safer based on the home burglaries that are happening around the country right now.

When watching the news, there is always some kind of a home burglary story, which means owning a gun is probably a wise idea these days.

Please note: I don’t own a gun at the moment but I’m definitely considering owning one soon…

You probably know that a heavy gun safe will surely ruin your hardwood floors over time, so what is the solution?

Well, there are hundreds if not thousands of the things that you can put under your gun safe in order to protect your wood floors from scratches and dents.

But I personally would highly recommend putting plywood simple because it offers an exceptional durability.

You can also try a heavy-duty mat but I honestly don’t see a reason to spend money on an expensive mat when there is a simple easy cheap way to do it such as putting the plywood underneath.

Please note: I don’t own a gun, I don’t have a gun safe in my house but I wrote this article because someone asked me this question on Facebook last night.

Which plywood do I recommend?

Well, there are a lot of high quality plywood that you can choose from, but the plywood that I personally use for my woodworking needs is the Premium Baltic Birch Plywood because it offers quite an exceptional durability plus it provides such an excellent holding power.

The plywood surface won’t dent or scratch your wood floor over time that is why I personally don’t recommend buying an expensive heavy-duty mat.

Are gun safes too heavy for your hardwood floor?

Well, there are light weight gun safes and there are super heavy-duty gun safes, so I honestly wouldn’t have an answer to that question.

So, it really depends on the weight of your gun safe.

How much weight can wood floor handle?

well, the weight a wood floor can handle will depend on a lot of factors, for example it sometimes depends on your subfloor or the thickness of the flooring you have.

If your subfloor is concrete, carpet or plywood, it won’t be the same.

As a hardwood floor installer myself, the only thing that I can say is that, the more stable your subfloor, the more weight your hardwood floor can handle.

So, if you have a super heavy gun safe, don’t buy a heavy-duty mat because it won’t keep your wood floor from being squeaky, the one and only best solution to protect your wood floor from your heavy gun safe is by putting plywood underneath.

Just go to amazon and get the Premium Baltic Birch Plywood, it your one and only best solution.

The number one reason to put plywood under your gun safe is because, it is also wood material, it has the ability to accommodate any super heavy equipment that can easily damage or ruin your hardwood floor over time.

Why do I recommend plywood instead of a heavy-duty mat?

  • Plywood has an increased stability
  • plywood has a high impact resistance
  • plywood will prevent your heavy gun safe from making your hardwood floor squeaky, there is no heavy-duty mat that can do that
  • it can handle almost any overload without damaging your expensive wood floating floor
  • another reason to use plywood is because it can remain stable under changes of temperature and moisture
  • great thing about plywood is that, it also not expensive…

Plywood is extremely strong, it doesn’t matter how heavy your gun safe is.

Plywood is engineered wood made by gluing veneer sheets, do you know how strong that is?

There is no heavy duty mat that can beat that, don’t waste your money on an expensive mat because you are going to be very disappointed.

How much does plywood cost?

Well, there are almost hundreds of plywood manufactures to choose from, it depends where you are buying it from.

I personally use the Premium Baltic Birch Plywood and it works like magic, I use it for my wood working project and it does the job pretty well.

The reason I recommend checking the price from amazon is because, I bought this plywood about 16 months ago, so I’m really not sure about the current price as amazon changes their prices quite often.

Why do I recommend premium Baltic birch plywood?

  • it cheap but high quality at the same time, it can handle quite a lot of weight
  • it not ugly, its kinds of stylish in a way, it looks nice, I’m pretty sure it will match any décor, you can even paint it to look the same as your gun safe
  • it manufactured using the latest methods in wood production, its hardwood, it extremely durable and on top of that it creeps resistant, what more can you really ask for?

What makes the Baltic Birch Plywood different from other plywood?

Well, it has a single piece face and a back veneer.

The back veneer has a smooth surface… the back veneer can face up and the back surface can face down and it won’t leave marks on your wood floors.

Does the Baltic Birch Plywood come sanded?

It comes with a nice surface, you won’t need to sand it just because you are going to be putting it under your gun safe


It somewhat sanded though, but a light sanding may be needed if you are planning on painting it to match the color of your gun safe.

Where can you buy this plywood for a much cheaper price?


Mike Mat

Dude, in your article you said that you don’t own a gun? Are you freaking kidding me… a gun will give you a sense of security and protection, burglary stats are high in the US right now, people are being killed left and right in their homes. You need to own a guy as soon as possible.


Nice article as always but you need to get yourself a gun


I don’t have a gun but awesome article, my grand dad has a gun safe and it extremely heavy, for those who have floating floors, putting some type of a shield underneath the safe would be a wise thing to do because floating floors can get squeaky over time because of heavy furniture.

Nicolas Chae

Totally agree, it better to get plywood, there are no heavy-duty mat that can prevent a gun safe from making the wood floor squeaky and squishy in the long run.

James McGowan

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