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Which Dyson is best for hardwood floors

Which Dyson is best for hardwood floors

Out of all the Dyson’s vacuums to choose from, today I’m going to review what I personally believe is by far the best Dyson vacuum for hardwood floors.

The best thing about this vacuum is that, it great for homes with pets since it picks up dog hair extremely well. The vacuum that am talking about is called Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner it’s the best vacuum I have ever used simple because it lightweight and it cordless... you grab this vacuum and fly over the floor rather than plug it in the cord.

after browsing the internet looking for a right vacuum that won't scratch my floors or damage my furniture. I found the Dyson V7 and I went to amazon to first check the reviews just to hear what are other people were saying about this vacuum and everyone was highly recommend it. Then I told my husband that we should give it a try then we boguht it on amazon.

I used to use a corded vacuum, it was heavy and using it was a pain because it kind of left marks on my hardwood floors plus it didn’t clean up pet hair very well.

I have two large dogs in my house, so there is always pet hair laying around. The Dyson V7 picks up all the pet hair, it doesn’t leave marks on the floors, it doesn’t discolor the floor and on top of that it cleans all types of dirt.

First time using the Dyson vacuum in my house was such a relief it works out perfectly fine I was so happy that we bought it and it works very great because this vacuums works on the hardwood floor, rugs or carpet and in my house I have area rugs in the dining room and bedroom.

It picks up my dog’s hair extremely well and it clean my hardwood floor absolutely great without leaving any scratches or marks on my expensive floor and the amazing thing about this vacuum it has a stick and cordless and I don’t have to run it while I have to move around and it saves a lot of battery life!

I highly recommend it my house is much cleaner now than before and it perfectly designed for me, I will simply just click on and off without plugging it on the cord and it has motivated my kids as well to use it. I am happy that have this Dyson vacuum it such a life saver am in love with it. This vacuum is what I have been looking for, for years and finally am relieved.

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OTHER CUSTOMER REVIEWS… and see what other people are saying about this vacuum and how they love it and you will be amazed as well and get yourself one and trust me you won’t have any regret or cry for your money but you will love it…

What are the things I love about this vacuum?

  • This vacuum is so convenient my house is much cleaner now because I just grab it rather than plug it in the cord
  • The most thing I love is that it easy to use light weight and it cordless , with it stick it easy to store it on the wall
  • In my house we are dog lovers and the hair will be everywhere and the other vacuums I have been using before didn’t pick up all the hair on the floor and the Dyson V7 cleans absolutely great especially when you are constantly battling with hair.
  • I also purchased the vacuum for my grandmother because she has from back pain issues and having to bend over using the broom to sweep up it was becoming a problem for, so the Dyson V7 i9s a life saver because it has a stick and she won’ be banding anymore.
  • What makes this vacuum so wonderful is extremely easy to use especially doing the blinds, vents and lamp shades and used it too to clean my carpet and that another good  thing about it not for hardwood floors only even in your car seats and couches inside on your house
  • This vacuum is by far one of the best buys I have ever purchased and I love how quiet it works and it so fantastic without making noise, I have good control of the floor brush it goes everywhere I want it to go from floor to carpet with no problems.
  • It been a month now and am not having any problem with the vacuum and it charges quickly and the battery last, this vacuum does an excellent job on the floor and I don’t have to move the furniture even on my bedroom it just go under the bed and picks the dirt and dust.
  • It very easy to empty and no bags change now my kids want to clean every day because they love how easy this vacuums works and their rooms are so clean.
  • We have received compliments from friend and am very happy!!! This vacuum changed my cleaning life
  • If you have pets in your house this vacuum is what you need to remove hair everywhere and it picks every stuff on the floor am very blessed to have it my house.
  • My friend it getting married and on her weeding I will I gift her with this vacuum because it will work as a life saver on her house and am sure she will love it.
  • Everyone is happy about this vacuum and I don’t feel sorry for my money and the price is affordable.

What are the things I don’t love about this vacuum?

  • I have small kids in my house so they can play with the stick of the vacuum and break it, but it not the negative thing that can stop me from having this vacuum because I can hide or put it somewhere they can’t reach it.

How much does it cost?

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