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Why do my hardwood floors feel sticky

Why do my hardwood floors feel sticky

If you are wondering why does your hardwood floor feel sticky than this article is definitely what you have been looking for.

If your hardwood floors feel sticky after you clean it than you probably need to use a different hardwood floor cleaner.

I have used a lot of different hardwood floor cleaners this year but my floors always felt sticky and greasy after I was done cleaning.

A lot of hardwood floor cleaners will make your floors sticky, why? Because most hardwood floor cleaners leave residue and build up.

The only thing you are going to need is to switch to a different wood floor cleaner that is not too strong.

Which hardwood floor cleaner do I recommend that won’t make your floors feel sticky?

The only cleaner that I’m going to recommend is the Bruce hardwood floor cleaner simple because I have been using it for over 5 months and it freaking awesome since it doesn’t make my floors feel sticky or greasy.

My floors used to feel very sticky when I was using other wood floor cleaners but that hasn’t happened since the day I started using the Bruce cleaner that why I highly recommend it.

This cleaner is got to be by far the best hardwood floor cleaner I have ever used.

What I mostly love about Bruce is that, it great for people who hate strong cleaners because it doesn’t have a strong smell and also doesn’t have too much scent.

I have recommended this cleaner to a lot of people who have hardwood floors and they all have told me that they loved it since it doesn’t leave the floor sticky or greasy.

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Amazon has hundreds if not thousands of wood floor cleaners that you choose from but most of the cleaners available on amazon are garbage.

You need to be very careful when shopping for a hardwood floor cleaner because most of the cleaners will leave residue, build up and make your floors sticky.

When my floors use to feel sticky, I thought that there was something wrong with the floor finish but after a while I soon realized that it was because of the cleaners I was previously using.

Why do I recommend buying the Bruce cleaner?

  • Because I have been using it for more than 5 months and it has never made my floors feel sticky
  • It doesn’t leave my floors greasy
  • It doesn’t make my floors slippery
  • It is easy to use
  • It doesn’t leave residue
  • It doesn’t have a strong smell
  • It doesn’t have too much scent
  • It smells nice
  • It safe on pets… it great for people who have dogs and cats or rabbits
  • It is also safe on children because it doesn’t have any toxins
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money
  • It is super high quality but cheap at the same time
  • It easy to use
  • It makes the floors shine a lot longer
  • It can remove saliva spots from dogs
  • It can remove scuffs
  • It can remove tough stains
  • It can clean all types of hardwood flooring
  • It great on bamboo floors
  • It great on laminate floors
  • It great on vinyl floors
  • It great on engineered floors
  • Basically, this clean will clean all types of wood floors
  • It was made and designed for hardwood floors that why it doesn’t make the floors feel sticky after cleaning

How much does it cost?

This cleaner is very cheap… you really do not have to worry about the price.


What are the things that I do not like about this cleaner?

Well, this may sound too good to be true but I honestly do not have anything that I do not like about it simple because it cleans my floors very well on top of that it doesn’t make my floors sticky and it also doesn’t leave residue.

Does the wood floor finish make the floor feel sticky?

The wood floor finish is to make the floor look attractive and also to protect the wood from damage due to wear and tear.

Wood floor finish will never make your floors feel sticky, what makes the floor feel sticky is the product that you are using when washing or cleaning your floors.

That why I recommend switching to a different cleaner such as the Bruce hardwood floor cleaner.

Does the wood floor coating make the floor feel sticky?

Not really… the coating makes the floor look shiny and new but it’s kind of causes problems over time, including tacky surface.

When your hardwood floor is tacky because of the coating, it will feel sticky but that is very unlikely that why the first thing you need to do is to use a different cleaner and see if something changes.

Heat and humidity in the air can also make the floors feel sticky, also dirt and build up can make the floors greasy over time that why it is very important to buy a high-quality wood floor cleaner such as Bruce.

Where to buy?

Bruce hardwood floor cleaner

Bruce hardwood floor cleaner


I also buy it online from amazon and I’m very happy with my purchase because amazon always delivers on time.

Please note: Bruce is also available offline but I highly recommend buying it online from amazon because it cost twice the price when buying it locally.

Just make sure to buy it from amazon so you can get it for a much cheaper price…

Does cleaning the wood floor using vinegar get rid of the stickiness and residue?

Yes, but you don’t have to clean your floors using vinegar just because your floors feel sticky, you just need to switch a to different wood floor cleaner that won’t leave your floors greasy.

I also have tried cleaning my floors using vinegar and I honestly didn’t like the smell after wards that why I prefer using the Bruce hardwood floor cleaner cleaner because it smells nice and removes the stickiness...

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