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Will dog pee ruin vinyl planks

Will dog pee ruin vinyl planks

No, simple because vinyl floor is plastic it is not real wood.

But dog pee is extremely smelly, so in this article I’m going to recommend a cleaner that will get rid of any dog pee smell.

I have an old dog that urinates daily on the floor, I used to clean his urine smell with vinegar because my mom recommended it after I told her about my dog urine unpleasant smell on my vinyl floor.

She said vinegar cleans the floor quite good especially if the floor is plastic, so I gave it a try and it did work but not 100%.

So, my husband didn’t like the idea of using vinegar on the floor, we then decided to search for vinyl floor best cleaner and luckily for us we found it.

This cleaner is great, ever since we started using it there is no unpleasant urine smell in our floor and the floor smells really good since we started using this cleaner.

So, if you also have a dog in your house that urinates everywhere on the floor then this article is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

This cleaner is perfect for daily use, I personally recommend it because it removes urine smell unlike other cleaners that leaves chemical residues behind.

This cleaner makes my floor look brand new that is why I highly recommend it to households that have pets.

Even when my dog urinates on my vinyl floor, I have nothing to worry about because this cleaner can easily get rid of the urine smell my floor.

This cleaner is called Rejuvenate luxury vinyl floor cleaner and it is by far the only cleaner I personally recommend for people who have dogs.

This cleaner cleaned our floors so well and left them shinny without any streaks or residue on top of that it smells nice, we couldn’t ask for better result, now we don’t have to stress about the smell of urine.

My husband and I have tried many different products over the years but none worked on our favor in such a way that we ended up using vinegar, since our dog urinates daily on the floor.

This product is by far the best product we’ve ever used, it easy to use, the smell is pleasant and it doesnt make the floor slippery.

I highly recommend this cleaner to anyone who have a dog or a cat that urinates in the floor.

How much does it cost?

You really don’t have to worry about the price though, it very affordable but also high quality at the same time, you are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on this cleaner…it is worth every penny.

The only thing that I can promise you about this floor cleaner is that you are going to love it.

What are the things that I love about this cleaner?

  • Great thing about this cleaner is that, it doesn’t have a strong smell it smells nice, it good for people who hates strong cleaners such as my dad.
  • It doesn’t leave residue on the floor like the other cleaners that I have used
  • It also wont leave streaks, it just awesome… it leaves the floor looking flawless... you are not going to regret using this on your floors
  • Another reason I love this cleaner is because it removes tough stains such as old food stains stuck on the floor… this even removed a red wine stain easily…
  • You won’t need to put any effort and scrubbing or mopping your floors because this cleaner can easily remove dirt, grime and stains
  • I have been using it for over two months now and it freaking awesome… you are definitely going to love it
  • It great for homes with pets and also homes with kids… the reason I highly recommend this to people who have pets is because it not toxic… it doesn’t have any chemicals that could harm your pets over time
  • It won’t discolor your floor over time… this will bring back color on your floors, it kind of makes the floor last longer because it kid of makes the floor look brand new
  • It doesn’t make the floor too glossy, which means your floor won’t be slippery, it safe to small children o pets that loves to run around and play indoors
  • It is super easy to use… that is why my husband keeps on using even on tile floors…
  • It was designed for vinyl floors but you can still use in on tiles or other type of floors as it won’t leave any residue

CLICK HERE TO CHECK THE CUSTOMER REVIEWS ON AMAZON, just so you can here what other people are saying who are using vinyl floor and have dogs that urinates on the floor.

You are going to be amazed by the reviews since most pets’ owners and people who have vinyl flooring are also highly recommending this cleaner.

This cleaner is not only for vinyl flooring, it also safe on any type of flooring e.g. laminate or tiles.

Is this cleaner safe to pets with sensitive smell?

Yes, because this cleaner doesn’t have too much scent, this is safe, they didn’t add too much perfume…the smell is mild but it will make your home smell like a million-dollar house ever since we started using it my dog is perfectly fine.

This cleaner is also great on people who hate strong cleaners like my father, he loves rejuvenate as it removes dirt and grime without making the house smell horrible.

This cleaner is good on tough stains, dog urine and dog poop. Weather you like it or not, you need to get this if you want your floor last longer and smell nice all the time.

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