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Will duct tape ruin and damage wood floors

Will duct tape ruin and damage wood floors

Using a duct tape on your wood floors will cause harm than good…

Not every duct tape is bad but most duct tapes available on the market right now can easily ruin your wood floor.

What is the best duct tape to use that won’t damage or ruin your hardwood floor?

Well, there are hundreds if not thousands of different high quality duct tapes to choose from on amazon, but you need to use the painters tape instead of a duct tape.

The reason I recommend a painters tape instead of a duct tape is because duct tapes will leave residue on your wood floor.

Which painters tape is safe to use on wood floor?

The only painter’s tape that I recommend is called ScotchBlue Original Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape.

The reason I’m recommending this painters tape is because it is also what I use to cover my hardwood floor when doing small task around the house.

I have been using this painters tape for over a year now and it has never gave me any issues and also haven’t damage my hardwood floor.

Top reasons to not use a duct tape on your wood floor:

  • It will leave residue
  • It leaves the floor sticky
  • If you leave it for too long it will discolor your hardwood floor

It not okay to use a duct tape on wood floors, you need to save yourself the frustration by using a painters tape instead, or else you are going to be very disappointed.

Why do I recommend the painters tape instead of a duct tape?

Please note: not all painters tape are good for hardwood floors, the only painters tape that I recommend is the ScotchBlue simple because it is what I also use on my wood flooring.

Things that I love about the ScotchBlue painters tape:

  • It doesn’t leave a horrible residue when peeling it off after use
  • It doesn’t tear in to separate pieces when removing it
  • When you try to peel it off it doesn’t stick to your hands
  • It leaves a refined edge when cutting it using scissors
  • I have used it for over a year and it freaking awesome because it does exactly what I needed and it doesn’t leave any mess behind
  • You can reuse it over and over because it doesn’t tear or rip easily
  • It a high quality tape and it doesn’t cost a lot of money
  • It easy to use, easy to peel off and also doesn’t stick on your hands
  • It is wide enough
  • It great for all kinds of project around the house such as painting wall, cabinet and a lot more

Is this painter’s tape safe to use on all types of hardwood floors?

Yes, you can use it on laminate hardwood, vinyl hardwood, engineered hardwood and bamboo hardwood… it doesn’t matter what type of wood floor you have in your home.

I have recommended this tape to about 4 of my friends who have hardwood floor and I have never received a single complain which means they also loved it.

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I have laminate hardwood floor in my house, I have used a lot of duct tapes, from cheap ones to expensive ones but all were garbage that is why I highly recommend using a painters tape.

Why do I hate using duct tape on hard wood floor?

Because the duct tapes I’ve used left sticky residue on my wood flooring and also kind of discolor the floor.

What are the things that I didn’t like about the ScotchBlue painters tape?

To be honest, I do not have anything that I didn’t like about it, I have purchased it multiple times to use it for a variety of project around the house and it has never caused any issues.

This tape is not perfect, there is no such thing as a perfect tape but this tape does exactly what I needed, it kind of did more than what expected from a painters tape.

I’m sure it has it pros and cons, but I don’t have anything to complain about it! Simple because it hasn’t given me any problems so far and I’ve been using it for more than a year now.

How much does it cost?


What are the things that I love about this painters tape?

Well it great for a lot of different projects, I also use it for random stuff such as tagging object around the house without the fear of causing damage to the furniture.

What I mostly love about it is that, it does pretty much everything that I needed from a painters tape, it holds on surfaces firmly.

It doesn’t peel of easily but also doesn’t damage the wood furniture at the same time.

If you want a tape to use when painting your house, the ScotchBlue is a great because it holds firmly and it straight.

You won’t have to worry about any paint bleeding through the edges.

I have used it for a lot of different project, I’ve used it when I was painting my cabinet, I have used it on walls when painting the house indoors and even used it when I was painting my sons bike and it worked perfectly.

You can use it on walls, wood frames, aluminum frames and wood doors and a lot more.

Where to buy?


Choosing the right duct tape to use on wood floors can be a challenge since most duct tapes can easily ruin and damage your wood flooring, which is why it better to just use a high quality painters tape.

There are a lot of painters tape available on amazon but not all painters tapes are safe to use on wood flooring that is why I only recommend ScotchBlue because it what I also use and it great.

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